Welcome to First Presbyterian Church Website from Kirksville, Missouri.  We are glad you found us.  We worship each Sunday at 9:30am and have Sunday School at 11am.  There are many other exciting events at FPC and this is the place for the info.

Sermons hath appear-ed on the website! Behold!

Thanks to Greg Marshall, I am now able to upload my sermons to our website.  Remembering it is more blessed to give than receive, or maybe I should say, more blessed to upload than download, I will be putting sermons up as quickly as I can.  So far every sermon from 2010 is available.  You will notice one is missing, but that service wasn’t recorded.  So, if you’ve heard these, you’ve heard all that are available.  Like all things technological, I hope listening to sermons on the website (or subscribing to them on iTunes) can be a helpful way to grow individually.  And if you say a prayer for us at First Presbyterian, why, it might even be communal growth as well!  May we all grow in Christ in every possible way!